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Bloodroot Capsules
* If you are treating an animal, open the capsule and mix a pinch into wet food up to three times daily.
Gradually increase the dose, and give twice daily.

The Easy-Start Plan
Days 1-3: Begin by taking one capsule after breakfast. If one capsule seems to be too much, or if you
can’t swallow a capsule, you can open the capsule and mix (half) the herbs into a little honey to
Days 4-6: If your stomach is tolerating the initial dose, add one capsule at night.
Days 7-9: You may increase to two capsules in the morning.
Days 10-12: You may increase to two capsules at night.
Day 13: You may increase to two capsules, three times per day, after this, the dose may increased
further, if tolerated.
Some people may experience nausea or loose bowels for a time, or flulike symptoms. If this happens,
reduce the dose to give your system time to adjust. You may feel pulling sensations or discomfort in
your body at times.
As waste is removed from the body, you will probably experience a kind of healing crisis. Your liver and
kidneys have to deal with extra dead cells, and get them out of the body. You may feel ill and tired for
a time. This could be the time to take a break from the capsules. It’s important to drink plenty of
water and to make good dietary choices: plenty of vegetables, for example.
Take a break: Sometimes it may be necessary to take a break from the treatment for a week or so. You
will probably know when this is necessary for you.
Diagnosis is the great strength of the medical system, and you may have blood tests or thermography
or another scan to follow your progress. It rarely happens, but a tumor may come to the surface of the
skin, appearing like a scab (eschar). Leave it to come out by itself, and then apply dressings for healing.
If white tissue is visible in the cavity then this is the time to apply salve.
Cat’s Claw
Cat’s Claw is a modern addition to the arsenal of herbs that have been found effective in treating
abnormal cell growth. Please consider using the new “Triple Strength” capsules as they contain really
large amounts of both Bloodroot and Cat’s Claw.
Be well!
All the best wishes with your ongoing treatment!