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Bloodroot Salve

Do not apply salve every day, or treat multiple spots at once. Apply the salve, then WAIT and let it do its job for the next few days.
– Do not pull the eschar out once it forms after a few days.
– Do not try to treat a large problem area without knowledgeable assistance.
– Do not ignore your diet and lifestyle, which are the most important ways to strengthen your immune system against stem cells.
– Join the “Bloodroot Discussion Group” on Facebook. There are thousands of experienced people who will be able to help and support you.
Before you Start
– Take a photograph so you can better ask people for advice later during the treatment. Continue to take photos regularly during the treatment. It’s important to have this if you need help and support. Photos are also a great way to tell your story and to encourage others.
– Try to get an idea of what it is that you are treating and its size from information from the Bloodroot Group on Facebook.
– Get informed: on under the information tab in the top menu, find and read FAQs and Be Salve Aware.
– Carry out the skin test: apply a little salve to a patch of normal skin and cover for 24 hours. There should be a little redness or itching. No major reaction will tell you there is no problem, and that salve will not harm normal skin!
– Realize that bloodroot salve is aggressive. Once reaction starts, it’s unlikely to stop until it’s done.
– Wash and dry your hands as well as the suspect area. You may exfoliate the area or prick the skin lightly to improve penetration.
– Stir the salve with a toothpick or similar tool. If it is dry, add water and stir till it’s smooth.
1. Apply salve 2mm thick over one lesion, and no larger than 20 mm diameter. Leave for 24 hours.
2.Cover with a dressing or band-aid to keep salve in place. Paper tape and gauze is a gentle option.
3. Re-apply if the salve comes off. You may shower normally and then reapply.
4. If there is no strong inflammatory reaction, wash the salve off. Reapply in a day or two if you are not satisfied.
If you have a positive Reaction
– There will be sustained redness and swelling. A lump may rise under the skin; spots may rise around the area.
– The bloodroot salve may sink into the lesion and become part of the eschar; this is quite normal.
If there is no major Reaction
– Consider yourself lucky!
The Process
1. Leave the salve in place and re-cover if possible. Change the dressing daily, or as required.
2. Use pain relief as necessary. Clove oil diluted in a carrier oil is effective.
3. If the reaction may seem to stop after a time, reapply the salve.
4. The dead lesion will rise and separate. This is the eschar. Let it come out unaided.
5. If you see a patch of white tissue amongst the pink you probably need to remove the rest of the lesion, so reapply the salve. Mix the salve with aloe vera gel for reapplication, or use a gentle salve.
6. If there is a reaction, cover and let the salve work again.
7. Some spots will require multiple applications. Multiple eschars may be ejected over this time.
– Keep the cavity moist to speed healing, and keep the area clean and covered. Normal showering is OK. Our Zen Healing Balm is great for faster healing and pain relief.
– Many people report that taking Bloodroot capsules at the same time as salving has really improved the whole process. Bloodroot seems to be especially effective with Cat’s Claw when taken internally. We recommend taking the capsules during the salving process and for at least two months thereafter.
All the Best!
We at Zenith Herbal wish you all the best with your treatment, and hope you have the positive outcome that you were hoping for!